What is the US sponsor's annual income?
Annual Income
Hourly Wage
Annual income is based on working this same schedule 50 weeks a year to account for vacations and time off.
Hours per week
What assets does the US sponsor have? (Optional)
You may use certain assets in lieu of income. You can use only one third of the assets towards the income requirement. For example, if you have $30,000 in assets, then you can only use $10,000 of it towards the income requirement. The assets more likely to be approved are liquid and easily appraised.
Equity in Home
Stocks & bonds
What state does the US sponsor reside in?
Total number of aliens already sponsored?
For example: You filed for the mother in the past, and are only now filing for the child. In this example, you would count only the child, not the mother.
Is the US sponsor currently on active duty with the US Military and sponsoring a spouse or child?
Total number of aliens being sponsored? (incl. children)?
Total number of people in sponsor's household?
This number includes the sponsor and any other dependents living with the sponsor, as well as the alien(s) being sponsored.
Which visa are you applying for?
What country is the alien coming from?
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